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Spring is a brand-new fresh start, including our makeup trends. The classic cat eye is fading, megawatt highlight is not in our vocabulary anymore. Instagram’s Annual Trend Report revealed that Gen Z consumers would likely use makeup as a form of self-expression rather than emphasizing facial beauty in 2023. So why don’t we explore some makeup fun? These are the five beauty trends that will take over in 2023, and you should know!

2023 Makeup hot trends 1: Monochrome makeup

Closeup studio shot of a beautiful teenage girl with bold make up, posing against a grey background

Monochromatic makeup keeps the colour palette of your makeup the same for your lips, eyes and cheeks. Celebrity makeup artist Beck Wainner said monochromatic makeup would be huge this year.

This style of makeup can be sweet or statement-making, depending on the colour you choose. It’s a super easy trend to achieve on your own. A soft pink and chic coral palette look gorgeous on everyone, while elevated orange and smoky brown look stunning on tanned skin.

2023 Makeup hot trends 2: Dewy & breathable base

A dewy and breathable base makes you always look naturally plump and radiant, it gives you the “lit from within” glow. A water-based liquid foundation can quickly build a dewy texture, and it’s easy to apply, just like applying cream or sunscreen. Spread it evenly on your face, and that’s it.

If you want long-lasting flawless skin, it’s suggested that you put on a hydrating mask before doing makeup. It will make the foundation looks like your best second skin!

2023 Makeup hot trends 3: Colour eyeliner / lash

It may be hard to get you to give up your trusty black and brown eyeliners and lashes, but bold colours are hot right now to make your eyes pop! Colourful eyeliners and lashes are all about having fun, the manifesto of yourself and echoing the Y2K style. Japanese and Korean makeup brands have been rolling out more and more colourful eyeliner since Jan 2023.

Wearing cheerful colours can boost your mood. However, if you still need convincing and think the rainbow shades should be left to experimental Gen Zs, we suggest you try navy, dark grey and olive green to ease yourself in. After that, it’s never too late to put on the rainbow shades.

2023 Makeup hot trends 4: Sunburn blush & faux freckle

2023 Makeup hot trends 4: Sunburn blush & faux freckle

The hashtag #sunburnblush now has millions of views and counting on TikTok, and many celebrities like Emily Ratajakowski, Hailey Bieber, and Billie Eilish have been seen with sunburn blush lately. For the sunburn makeup look, you can choose orange, coral and peach colours with highly pigmented formulations and applying on the nose and cheeks.

You can use a brown eyeliner pencil to dot the face for natural faux freckles. Sprinkling it with some small and some big will turn out organically and naturally.

2023 Makeup hot trends 5: Blurred & matte lips

2023 Makeup hot trends 5: Blurred & matte lips

Matte lipsticks are making a comeback in a big way! Forget about your glossy lipstick and lip tint, matte colours are the must-have in 2023. Matte lipsticks are generally considered classier and subtler, which can uplift your makeup look to become a runway-ready feeling. Red, wine red and cherry red are the hot colours this year, they are usually rich in colour and fulfil all their promises on the face.

Don’t forget to put a lip balm and let it stay on your lips for at least 5 minutes, it will moisturise your lips and get away with chapped lips.

2023 Makeup hot trends

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