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Keen on creating some stunning nail art at home but don’t want to go for something overly complicated? Not to worry, we’ve come up nail art for beginners. Put your favourite track list on and let’s get creative!

This look sure packs a punch, and is pleasantly easy to achieve, so it’s a perfect example of stunning nail art for beginners. Follow the steps below to achieve the glitter chevron look.

Step 1: Create the chevron

0333 gif_1

After you have prepped your nails with your base coat dry, apply a piece of tape to the nail that already has a triangle cut out in it. This will be our chevron.

Step 2: Apply silver nail varnish

0333 gif_2

Apply silver metallic nail varnish to the triangle area. This will act as a base to our silver glitter nail polish.

Step 3: Glitter, glitter, glitter

0333 gif_3

Apply silver glitter nail varnish on top of the metallic shade.

Step 4: Remove the tape

 0333 gif_4

Once your nail varnish is dry, take the tape off slowly. Feel free to use tweezers, if you find doing so easier.

Step 5: Apply your favourite colour to the rest of the nail

0333 gif_5

Choose your favourite colour, we’ve gone for lavender, but you can go for any hue under the sun! Apply this shade to the rest of the nail. Once all is dry, finish with a top coat.

 0333 pic_6

Super easy and super stunning!



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