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Eczema patients’ skin cells are more sensitive and active. Therefore, when weather changes, sensitive skin will be stimulated easily and eczema will easily break out. Cold weather left and it becomes warmer. To prevent from the onset of eczema skin, we can start from changing our living habit. Not only focus on our cleaning and skin care procedures, but also absorbing the right amount of ultraviolet light, choosing comfortable clothing and having the appropriate eating habits.


How to avoid eczema:


Having proper cleaning and skin care procedures

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Humid air on street can lead to eczema skin. The mold and mites in the air can also become the culprit of allergies. Patients with eczema should wash their skin after going home and use the towel to dry your skin gently. In addition, sweat will stimulate the skin. Therefore, patient should clean the skin after exercise and reduce the chances of being sensitive. After cleansing the skin, use skin care products without fragrance ingredients to replenish skin moisture.


Absorbing the right amount of ultraviolet light

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People with eczema skin should have outdoor workoutfor sun bathing in hope of enhancing the skin immunity and killing the fungus on skin. It can reduce the chance of eczema attack. Eczema patients are suggested to do exercise before 10 am, or after 4 pm to absorb the UV light, this can avoid the fiercest period of the sun and prevent from having sunburn. Also, patients should not expose under the sun for long time, it is recommended not more than half an hour a day.


Choosing cotton clothing

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Cotton clothing is less irritation to the skin which is suitable for people suffering eczema. To avoid eczema skin break out, patients should not wear clothes with nylon or contain too much color. Jeans and narrow pants should also be avoided because they will increase the friction between clothes and skin that can lead to eczema.


Eating more fruits and vegetables and drink more water

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Fruits and vegetables are foods that help eczema go away. They contain vitamin C which can improve the skin immunity. And vitamin E in fruits and vegetables can moisturize the skin which can prevent from the onset of eczema skin. Not only eating more fruits and vegetables, eczema patients should drink plenty of water. Because the water-lock functions of eczema patient’s skin is low, so that water in the skin will be easily lost. Therefore, patients need to drink enough water to improve the dry and sensitive skin problems. On the other side, it is vital to get away from bad foods for eczema.


Reducing swimming in the pool

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As the pool water containing chlorine for disinfection, prolonged exposure to the water will stimulate the onset of eczema skin, causing skin redness and tingling symptoms. Thus, it is suggested that eczema patients should not stay in the swimming pool for more than half an hour. Patients should bath immediately after swimming and dry the skin with towel. After cleansing the skin, use skin care products without fragrance ingredients to replenish skin moisture.



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