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Weddings are all about the bride, but weddings showers are all about the bride and her besties! Here are a few fun and refreshing ideas for a unique and memorable shower full of magical moments!

♥ Create a photo album 

0720 pic_1_0

Why not make a beautiful photo album with your besties before your wedding? Take pictures with all of your nearest and dearest and capture those unforgettable moments!

 Floral jamming 

0720 pic_2_0

Instead of sitting around chitchatting, have a floral jamming party! Give everyone the heads-up to bring flowers and tools to the shower, and have endless fun making pretty floral arrangements. Turn your bridal shower into a laughter-filled flower fest!

♥ Throw a Stock-the-Bar shower 

0720 pic_3_0

Alcohol can add some light-hearted fun to your shower. Invite your guests to bring their favourite bottle of wine and stock up your bar! But of course, always keep it safe and classy…

♥ Pyjama party 

0720 pic_4_0

Why not throw a sleepover party at the hotel before your wedding? Invite your besties over for a pyjama party that’s packed with fun, pillow talk and gossip all night!

♥ Take a trip 

0720 pic_5

After marriage, you won’t have as much time to spend with your best friends, let alone travel abroad together. If you’ve got the time and budget for it, take a trip with your girlfriends and make some fabulous memories!

No matter what you decide to do for your shower, the key is enjoying yourself and having fun. As the bride-to-be, you deserve a break from the stress of wedding planning. Remember, it’s all about having a good time. Don’t be so busy that you forget to enjoy those important moments!



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