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Draw Your Eyeliner according to Your Eye Shape

To have your eyeliner done perfectly is always a struggle. Sometimes it is by luck, but most of the time it is by practice and knowledge. By knowledge we meant the knowledge about your own eye shape.


So below we have made a handy-dandy guide for you to follow and hopefully you will find the next time you do your eyeliner, a lot easier!


Rounded eyes

0721 pic_1

For people with round eyes, it is best for them to not flick their eyeliner wing too upwards; it will only cause their eyes to look more close-set. Instead, draw it out, extend it, like a long triangle. Make it a cat eye.


Mono lids

0721 pic_2

Mono lids need to draw their eyeliner thicker, as it will most likely disappear into their eyelids. Mono lids are beautiful, you just need to draw the line thicker than usual, and when you open your eyes, it should be a perfectly normal cat eye. Line your inner rims too!


Upturned eyes

0721 pic_3

It is no big surprise that people with upturned eyes are best to stay away from eyeliners that are too thick or long. It is best to do a natural wing, a small and thin one. Remember not to draw the wings too high, instead, draw them like a horizontal line.


Downturned eyes

0721 pic_4

Accordingly, people with downturned eyes will need to draw their wing a bit more upwards, to lift up the eyes up. The eyeliner can be thinner towards the inner corner and gradually thicken it out.


Hooded eyes

0721 pic_5

Again, just like mono lids, people with hooded eyes will have to draw their eye liner thicker and longer than usual, flicking the wing upwards, and connecting it to half of your lower lash line to make the eyes even bigger.


Almond eyes

0721 pic_7

Almond eyes are lucky. Just apply any decently drawn eyeliner shape on them and they are good to go. Almond eyes are the easiest when it comes to applying eyeliner.


Wide-set eyes

0721 pic_8

Focus on the inner corners, make them thicker, and thin it out towards your outer corner to balance your eyes out, making it a little more close-set.



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