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Every woman wants to stay young and attractive or as long as possible. And you will find that skincare and proper makeup get top priority in your daily routine. Wonder how Hollywood actresses look like they never age? Here are the tricks suggested by makeup artists for pretty and youthful-looking skin.

Make use of color

Tan tones may be the trend. But if you always choose natural tones for your makeup, that will make you look mature. Don’t be afraid of choosing a bright color for your cheeks or eyeshadow. A little bit of bright color can change your whole face, making you look healthier and more youthful.

Closeup studio shot of a beautiful young woman with freckles skin posing against a grey background

Line the upper inner rims of your eyes

Lining the upper inner rims of your eyes help create a sexy and sultry look. It will make you look fresh and awake. It is suggested to use a waterproof pencil for lining the inner rim to make it last throughout the day. Try to avoid liquid liners as it can sting the eyes easily.

Baeuty concept of young asian woman.

Enhance lip colour

A fuller mouth makes you look younger. And shiny lip gloss helps give the appearance of plumper, younger lips. Go with soft berry shades for your lips and use a lip gloss to finish your look to create rosy tinted lips. Try to avoid matte and dark colour that will make your lips look thinner and older.

Air kiss for you. Close up cropped shot of femenine gorgeous charming adorable lady with amazing wavy hair do, tube of hard pink pomade in arm. Pampering, lips correction concept

Corners of the eyes

The quickest and easiest trick to look young is to apply concealer to your dark circle under the eyes. But you should also remember to conceal the darkness at the inner corners of your eyes. It can instantly brighten your entire face and make you look refreshed.

young women applied concealer under the eyes with applicator


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