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Summer has officially begun! While you’re enjoying the perks of summer like beach holidays, road trips, sexy bikini cute and long summer evenings, there is a big beauty challenges that you need to face on the other side – stay pretty when you’ve reaches a melting point of summer makeup. It’s time to switch up the products in your makeup bag and learn some useful makeup tips for sweat proof makeup.

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Primer can act as a grip for makeup, it also prepares your face a smooth, hydrated canvas for makeup products that you’re about to put on. Furthermore, the moisturizing effect of primer plumps your skin, reduces fine lines and diminishes dry spots that can potentially lead to a cakey makeup. Use primer along the T-Zone, side of the nose, and cheeks where usually more oil and sebum are produced. For those of you who have oily skin, you will need to choose water-based lotion primer that can refresh your skin.

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Liquids and gels are textures that hold up best in humid weather; your favorite BB cream may not last as long as powder and gel during this warm and sweaty climates. A liquid, matte foundation is the best for makeup for sweaty face. Don’t spread foundation all over your face, just dab the foundation in light layers, spot treat areas such as your T-zone and blemishes and see if you need more coverage. When choosing a cream blush, look for ones that have a dry finish on the skin and avoid shimmer ones because it will make you look oilier in the heat.


Stick with the rule of minimally when using powder during summer. As you continue reapplying powder, it looks more cake with each application. Blotting papers absorb excess shine but do not disturb the makeup, so try wrapping a blotting paper around a dry powder puff for a matte finish.



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