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There is such a thing as lipstick for whiter teeth. Applying the right lipstick shades can make your pearly whites look brighter. Forget fancy toothpastes, gels or whitening strips and try these shades… you’ll be amazed by what a lipstick can do to your smile.

#1 Hot pink

Stick with bubble-gum pinks with cool undertones for a fun night out. Steer clear of warm-toned lipsticks as that little contrast will bring out yellow tones in your teeth. Go for the cool, electric blue-based pink with a high-shine formula to make your smile dazzle.

Beautiful pink glossy lips and perfect teeth.

#2 Deep plum

Wear a berry plum lipstick and put on your best smile. The violet-blue base of a vampy lip works hard to make your smile extra bright by providing high contrast for your teeth to look their very brightest. Dark berries are especially flattering for darker skin tones.


#3 Burgundy

Create the illusion of a dazzling smile with this beautiful burgundy red that cancels out any yellowness on your teeth caused by coffee and wine consumption. Just make sure you look for a red with a blue undertone to make your teeth look whiter.

Closeup image of a woman applying lipstick

#4 Glossy nude

Searching for the proper nude to make your teeth look whiter can be rather tricky. Pick one with a high-shine formula to light up your complexion and of course, makes your pearly whites appear brighter than they actually are. It just takes a little gloss to make those teeth shine.

Close up detail of young woman with nice clean and soft skin applying red lipstick on her perfect sexy plump lips.

#5 Bright red

All it takes is a single swipe of a poppy red lipstick for a dazzling, whiter-looking smile. A bright red lipstick with a blue base is just like a whitening treatment in a tube, making your teeth appear up to two shades whiter. It looks great on every complexion, and any yellow stains on your teeth will be less noticeable.

Red lips in a young woman.


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