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Lipstick is one of the cosmetics products which makeup girls will use every day. We always heard that different lip colours represents different personalities. But now, even the shape of your used lipstick can reflect your potential personality. Some girls may like to stick with the original shape of lip balm, while some girls may get used to it on their own habit. Which types of girls you are? Check it out now!

According to Good Housekeeping’s analysis, there are 8 different shapes of used lipstick representing 8 different potential character. Take out your favourite lipstick now to see if the analysis is match to you or not!


Rounded Smooth Shape

0323 pic_1_0

You have a little introverted personality, you prefer static activities more than dynamic activities. You love clean, but also with innate artistic talent.


Slant Close to Original Shape

0323 pic_2_0

You are not willing to change the shape of your lipstick representing you are very conservative, do not want to break the rules which have been set. You care about the opinions of others.  Being empathetic, you will take care of the feelings of people around you!


Sharp Curved Top 

0323 pic_3_0

You are very emotion and easy to have good impression towards others or even easy to love someone. Not only having endless creative ideas, you are enthusiastic and kind. You often like to take all your responsibilities to yourself. You love outdoor activities and animals, especially dogs!


Flat Top


 In the crowd, you are often the focus of attention. You are clever and humorous. In the eyes of others, you are a very sociable, but you also have gentle and quiet side. There are many thoughts in your mind, but you never know how to express yourself.


Sharp Diagonal Tip

0323 pic_5_0

You are a very charismatic leadership figure and you want to be the best for everything. However, this personality is also likely to make you feel too strong, and sometimes give people a sense of pressure.


Sharp Angled Sides

0323 pic_6

Many people may think you are a very arrogant, vanity, but you always think that the views of others are not important. The most important thing is that you know what they are good to do. You are smart and attractive.



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