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It’s no secret that over time our complexion changes form. But, while it’s common nature to seek out hard-working skincare formulas to combat the loss of elasticity, strength and pigmentation – what about the beauty kit? Featuring a natural daytime look, our tutorial here will show you how to master makeup for mature skin.


By Day: Natural Makeup for Mature Skin

Perfect for when you’re running errands or heading for a coffee with friends, this natural look will add luminosity to your skin. Cue the compliments!


What Will I Need to Achieve this Natural Look?

1)       Primer

2)       CC cream

3)       Foundation brush

4)       Concealer

5)       Eyelash curlers

6)       Soft pencil eyeliner

7)       Tinted brow gel-

8)       Lip & Cheek tint

Step 1 – Prep the base  

 0322 pic_1

Step 2 – Curl lashes & smudge eyeliner

0322 pic_2
Apply a thin layer of primer all over the face and neck, massaging in with circular motions using your fingertips. Next, apply a CC cream using a flat bristle brush. Opting for a CC cream over foundation will mean you’ll have good coverage without any cakey residue.

Use a concealer stick to hide any age spots, blemishes or dark circles. Gently dab on any problem areas and blend with your fingertips.  

Take your trusty eyelash curlers and pump a couple of times on each eye to give the lashes a little lift in volume.

Use a soft pencil eyeliner (a slightly blunt nib is better than super sharp!) and draw close to the upper lash line. Blend this in using an eyeshadow brush. Repeat the step just under the lower lash line.


Step 3 – Use gel to set brows 

 0322 pic_3

Opt for a brow gel with a subtle tint and brush through brows to create definition. This will also set them into place and stop any pesky hairs along the brow arch from dropping down.


Step 4 – Apply colour to lips & cheeks

0322 pic_4

Using a savvy two-in-one beauty hero (cheek and lip tint) dab colour on to lips using your fingertip. Then apply the same colour along your cheekbone, dabbing to blend.

0322 pic_5


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