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What’s your worst hot summer nightmare – are you more afraid of your ice cream or your makeup melting? Don’t let your favourite chic look sweat away under the sun’s merciless rays! Here are six tips to help keep your makeup looking great all day.   Begin by moisturising 0711 pic_1 Balancing your skin’s natural oils will make your makeup go on smoother and last longer. Before applying any makeup, fully moisturise your face with a highly hydrating skin care product.   Choose a lightweight foundation 0711 pic_2 In summer, your skin will produce excessive oil. You can increase your makeup’s staying power by choosing a lightweight liquid foundation with a moisturising formula. This kind of foundation will feel fresh and clear on your skin, not heavy.   Use waterproof eyeliner 0711 pic_3 Eyeliner smudges can transform you into something out of a horror movie! Halloween is far away, so avoid this scary mishap with waterproof eyeliner that can stand up to summer’s sweat and preserve the lines you love.   Prime your eyes 0711 pic_4 Eye primer cream can defeat oils that build up on your eyelids. Use the cream as a base before you put on your eye shadow – this prevents the powdery shadow from getting stuck in the creases of your eyes.   Replace blotting paper with a sponge 0711 pic_5 Blotting paper will soak up unwanted facial oils quickly, but it can dry your skin, making your makeup crease when you reapply it. A beauty sponge will gently blend the oils, removing excess shine and redistributing your makeup without lines.   Moisturise before touching-up your makeup 0711 pic_6 Moisturising your skin will keep your makeup intact longer. After cleansing away excess oils, spray on a hydrating mist, and then gently tap your face to help your skin absorb it, before touching up or reapplying your makeup.   0711 pic_7 One final reminder! Hot weather won’t just melt the makeup on your face – it will also melt your beauty products themselves. To avoid breaking your heart (and your wallet), store it carefully so it won’t stain your favourite pouch!            



Don't Let Flying Dry Out Your Skin!


Switch up Your Smoky Eye for Summer

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