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You can’t go wrong with lucky red lips at Chinese New Year. A classic red lipstick is theoretically easy to find. But when it comes to picking the right lipstick for different individuals, there are a lot to consider. For example, does it feel comfortable on the lips? Does it last without smudging or feathering, and the difficult issue is does it complement your skin tone. Let’s start with the most difficult task here – the skin tone issue.


Asian skin tones typically look best with warm-toned shades of red or lipsticks with a little more orange in them, but that doesn’t mean all the cool red lipsticks are off the table, as people with different skin tones can go for different red shades.

0213 pic_1

Fair complexion

Putting deep, blue-based wine reds on your lips can contrast with the fair undertones of your pale skin, resulting your lips pop like no other. If dark lipsticks aren’t your forte, give cranberry colour a go. The dark red colour warms up your skin tone and gives you a sophisticated look. Try to avoid, pink or coral hues, as those colours will make you look even paler.

 0213 pic_2

Medium complexion

Those who have medium undertones are lucky the ones as they can rock most of the red shades. If you are one of the lucky ones, pick red lipsticks with orange hues to brighten up your makeup look. If you’re looking for something a little more elegant and sophisticated, choose a brownish red shade, you won’t go wrong with that.

0213 pic_3

Dark complexion

Orangey-reds are perfect for those with tanned or dark complexions. Bright shade can stand out against your skin tone, escalate your makeup. If your complexion falls on the dark spectrum, try raspberry shades as they promote brightness and youth. Top it with a clear gloss and you will look radiant enough for any festive celebration.







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