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Ever wonder why your skin still feels dry even after using a mask? While most of us think using sheet masks is a simple four-step process (open-unfold-apply-remove), we can often use masks in a way that does more harm to our skin than good. If you want maximum results, make sure you steer clear of these sheet mask mistakes!

The Right Place at the Right Time

Sheet masking is not only about taking care of your skin but about relaxing, too. If you have the chance, double the benefits by doing it while you have a bubble bath. You’ll not only take the “relax factor” to the next level, but really reap the skin-moisturizing benefits as the steam opens your pores.

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Massage Your Face after use

After taking your sheet mask off, massage the essence into your skin using gentle upward motions—from your lower neck towards your chin, from the chin and outer corner of the lips towards your earlobes and ears, from the side of your nose to your temples, and so on. This helps to increase the blood flow to these areas, which gives your skin a natural glow.

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Longer is not better

Sheet masks create a barrier to intensively infuse the skin with hydrating and anti-aging ingredients. But if the sheet mask itself dries out, it will start sucking moisture out of your skin. For general masks, 30 minutes should be the maximum amount of time you use them – enough to deliver key ingredients but not so long that the mask starts to dry. Try to find a mask sheet that helps your skin to absorb the serum from mask.

Watsons HA Mask is made a new with TENCEL® branded lyocell fiber to naturally pamper your skin. The upgraded mask sheet is fit your face better, locking in intense moisture like a second skin.


TENCEL® is a trademark of Lenzing AG.







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