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Winter is approaching, and the nastiest winter characteristic of all is chapped lips. To a lot of people, wearing lipstick with chapped lips is more difficult than preventing chapped lips in the first place, but with a little DIY touch, it’s actually pretty easy to kiss your desert-dry lips goodbye while having that sexy lips.

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Everyone knows lipstick will not apply as smoothly and evenly on dry or chapped lips. So the first thing you need to do is exfoliate your lips. The easiest way is using lip scrub products that you can get from any drugstore, however if you opt for something natural, you can create your DIY version of lip scrub right at home. Simply mix together one tablespoon of ground coffee with about one and a half tablespoons of softened coconut oil and apply the mixture to your lips. Gently rub the exfoliator in small circles around your lips and then wipe off with warm water and a towel, and you will have all the peeling skin gone.

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After getting your lips nice and smooth, you will need to fill in the cracks and crevices left by chapped lips before applying any color. Not only does a pair of plump and hydrated lips enable a smoother application, but it also makes your lipstick more comfortable to wear. Rub a bit more coconut oil on your lips, or you can use lip balm or even eye cream. After that, rub your lips with either a lip primer or even regular face primer. That will really smooth everything out while also ensuring your color stays in place.

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Before apply lipstick, it’s always a good idea to add lip liner. Because it can keep lipstick from bleeding outside the lines of your lips and help make your lipstick last longer by giving it something to stick to. After adding lip liner, apply your lipstick either with a brush, your finger, or straight from the tube, smack your lips together, and voila, your soft and kissable lips are ready for winter! 






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