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Blush and lipstick are meant to work hand in hand to balance out a look and give your face a healthy glow. If you want to know the ways to coordinate a lipstick shade with a blush color so you won’t end up looking like a prom queen in the 80s, check out our tips.

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Basically, the trick is to choose shades that are in the same color family but not being overly matchy-matchy. You can do this by choosing the same undertone. For a pretty and feminine look, you can start with a cotton candy pink blush. Try to go feather-light on the cheeks, and then complement the look with a delicate pink lip shade with blue undertones, so it won’t overpower your cheeks.

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Pink has been the favorite blush color for decades. Since it’s the closest color to our natural flush, it remained a theist choice when you want to create a post-workout glow. You can even create a slightly vintage look by pairing it with a classic pink lipstick with a matte finish.

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When you’re going for a red lip, matching it with a perfect rose blush can bring a romantic aura. If you want to go with a stained lip, feel free to be generous with your blush.

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For causal occasions, a beachy look would be the perfect choice. There’s no better match for a warm, neutral lip color than a pale orange blush. Of course, you can always go with bronzer, but for colder months, peach is your best pick for sure.

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When you’re working with any red-violet shades lip color, they generally work best with a similar toned blush. For a natural beauty effect, try pairing a plum gloss with a sheer plum blush. You get a pop of dramatic color with a subtle intensity. 




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