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Skincare myths busted! We are going to reveal common skincare myths we need to stop believing for good. Learn how to avoid these common mistakes and achieve healthy, gorgeous skin. It’s true that you just can’t trust everything you see on the internet!  

#1 You don’t need sunscreen in the winter

There is a misconception that the winter sun is not as strong as the summer sun, but you’ re wrong. The sun emits harmful UV rays year-round, come rain or shine. In fact, 80% of the sun’s rays can go right through even the thickest winter cloud. The December sun can burn you just the same and accelerate your skin’s ageing process, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin. What to look for in a sunscreen? Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Fitness couple winter morning exercise at snowy mountain.

#2 Tanning helps clear breakouts

It is another beauty myth that soaking up the sun helps clear out breakouts. People often think that getting a tan can camouflage and dry up the acne, yet doing so can make breakouts come back worse. The problem is sun exposure can increase sebum production which can result in clogged pores and inflamed pimples. And once the tan fades, your skin is left looking more discoloured than before. So, it’s better to stick to spot treatments and avoid harmful UV rays as much as possible.

High angle shot of an attractive young woman catching some sun by the pool

#3 You can scrub oily skin or acne away

Scrubbing is definitely not the answer! Over-exfoliating your skin can make your oily skin or acne problem even worse. It only strips the lipid barrier causing your body to produce more oil to protect itself and leads to inflammation. It’s best to use gentle sweeping or circular motions with a soft washcloth and a mild cleanser to clear away dead skin cells instead of using an abrasive exfoliator with harsh grains.

Smiling woman with short hair, bald cleans the skin coffee skrub, studio shot, close-up portrait

#4 Hot water helps open & cleanse pores

Contrary to popular belief, pores can’t open or close as they are not muscles. Washing your face with hot water does not help open and cleanse pores. The reality is hot water can be abrasive and strips your skin of natural oils and leave your skin feeling dry. Always stick to cold to lukewarm water to protect your skin.

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