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We all know that K-beauty leads a makeup trend worldwide. It continues to stay at the front of makeup and beauty innovation. So, if you are itching to try a brand-new makeup trend, you should follow the K-beauty trendy in 2019. Here are the guides that you may want to get on ASAP.

Fruit Juice Lips

Or you may call it “Vitamin C lips”. It is about the super-glossy pouts that you have already seen it all over the social media. Women tend to choose a lip product that delivers shine and healthy color to create a stunning gradient. Also, as Pantone selects a “Color of the Year” for 2019, it’s Living Coral, the fruit juice lips are all about citrus-tinted lips, such as orange, coral, yellow, and gold.

voluminous sparkling painted lips and a lot of lip gloss brushes

Brightly Undereye Blush

It is fine if you sweep your blush on your cheekbones. But, if you put it beneath the eye, you are on the top of the K-beauty makeup trend. Korean beauty lovers apply blush to draw focus to the center of the face. It can create the illusion of youth and vibrancy and show your desire for playful expression. You need to find a blush that complements your skin and natural flush tones to look good and feel great for this look.

Two beautiful young women look alike sisters with creative artistic make-up and hairstyle Close-up Faces Fashion models Portrait Studio shot

Shine eyes

When it comes to eyeshadow, the current trend in South Korea is to swipe a single shade of glitter all over the lid. It brightens your face and provides a festive element for your look. It is a great alternative to smoky eyes that adds shiny highlighters on your face.

Beauty eye close up with glitter Short dof

Glass skin

It is the trend all over the year. It refers to the illusion of flawless and smooth skin you’re your complexion is as crystal clear as glass and glows naturally. To achieve glass skin, you need to create a soft layer coverage to give the moist and lustrous appearance, and cushion foundations could be your help.

Young woman skin care


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