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Acne and blemishes don’t just appear at your 10-something. It continues far into the adult decades. The truth is makeup doesn’t necessarily cause the breakouts, but it can make it worse if you use the wrong products and ways to do your makeup. Read on to find out the top tops to apply makeup on acne skin.

Oil free foundation

When you have acne prone skin, your skin usually gets oily and shiny. And it is also required the foundation to provide good coverage for your acne and blemishes. The one with oil-free and liquid formula would be an essential item in your makeup bag. Remember to only apply a thin layer of foundation to keep your makeup natural. 

Female hand base cream beige on white background isolation

Avoid drying ingredients

Most people will try makeup products that could dry out acne and painful zit. However, dehydrating will only make your acne worse. The ingredients like alcohol will affect the natural exfoliating process of your skin. The dead skin cell could not fall off as a result.

face care of rough skin, dry skin and skin problem


When you want to distract everyone’s attention from focusing your pimples, you may use a light concealer to cover it. However, a light concealer will actually highlight your acne. All you need is a concealer that is slightly darker than your foundation and to blend it with your foundation. It helps cover your acne by tapping it with your ring finger.

Color correcting concealer on white

Clean up your makeup brushes and sponge

Makeup doesn’t necessarily trigger the breakouts, but makeup tools do. Never have your makeup application tools cleaned is one of the main reasons that lead to more breakouts. Therefore, the brushes should be cleaned at least once a week to avoid the bacteria building up. Using antibacterial wipe directly to clean up your makeup tools each time after use could also help prevent the breakouts.

Beauty and makeup. Set of wet professional make up brushes after washing is drying

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