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Summer, you are going to love it or hate it. You love the sunny days that promise to cheer you up. You hate it when the weather heats up that require you to take extra care of your skin. SPF sunscreen maybe the first thing pop up on your mind, yet, you need more than that. We have summed up the must-have summer skin care checklist before you enjoy the sun-kissed summer!

1. SPF Sunscreen and Lip balm

We all know that we can soak up the Sun for Vitamin D. Yet, we also know that exposure to the sun would cause your skin to age. So, the first thing is to wear SPF sunscreen that protects your skin from the harm of UV sunray. If you are too rushed to put on your SPF sunscreen, you may consider the face primer with SPF protection. Besides, when your lips expose to the sun ray, it makes you extremely dry. Wearing SPF lip balm can keep your lips soft and smooth during summer.

Asian women applying face lotion.

2. Mist Spray

Whether you go out for lunch or chill at the beach, you feel like you are melting from the heat. Even worse, your make-up is melting; you don’t want to do your make-up again. How to keep your face fresh and clean from the summer heat? You may need a mist spray to cool off the heat from your face and keep your face hydrated. More importantly, you can spray the mist on top of your make-up, and it helps your make-up last longer.


3. Face and body scrub

Summer heat makes you sweat a lot, and, it adds extra dirt to your skin that may cause clogged pores or acne. Exfoliate your skin regularly can help you remove the dead skin and extra dirt. Even better, when you get rid of dead skin, your skin tone will become even. Not only does your face need to be scrubbed, but also your body needs to be scrubbed so that your body skin can be clean and soft.

Face Skin Scrub. Portrait Of Sexy Smiling Female Model Applying Natural Coffee Mask, Face Scrub On Facial Skin. Closeup Of Beautiful Happy Woman With Face Covered With Beauty Product. High Resolution. (Face Skin Scrub. Portrait Of Sexy Smiling Female

4. Lightweight Moisturizer

If you ever think the humidity is high enough, and you don’t have to put on moisture. Then, you are wrong, you actually need moisturizer as you actually stimulate your skin to produce more oil if you don’t apply moisturizer. Lightweight moisturizer would make your face looks less greasy, and, it would help to constrain the exposure to UV sunray when you go on your outdoor activities.

beauty woman with moisturizer concept in the bathroom


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