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Modern city living can be remarkably tough on our skin. The reality of residing in cities which are subject to considerable air pollution can have a direct and negative impact on skin’s health, if left unprotected, skin can become stressed, dull and tired looking. Thus, there is a rising trend in makeup products, called anti-pollution skincare.


Effect of air pollution on our skin

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This is because air pollution contains free radicals which attack molecules like proteins and lipids and even DNA. This process is known as oxidative damage. The result: the skin cells no longer function correctly and the tissues age prematurely. In this instance, the effects of free radicals are most visible on the skin as a lacklustre, lined complexion.

Exposure to air pollution, which effectively translates as the skin’s increased exposure to free radicals, leads to a diminution in the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which makes the skin less firm, less supple, less hydrated and so more susceptible to be marked by wrinkles. It also degrades the membranes of skin cells, which contributes to the formation of age spots and can provoke alterations in the DNA of skin cells, starting a chain reaction of mutations which can even lead to the cells dying.

Increasing environmental pollution not only reminds us to protect ourselves against free radical damage, but also emphasizes the need to strengthen skincare barriers and avoid skin damage from exogenous pollutants.


How Anti-Pollution Skincare Should Be

When you are finding skincare which can provide anti-pollution function, you should aim to find a product that can incorporate high antioxidant levels into the overall skincare product. Living in a highly polluted area means that often your skin may feel as if it has a thick layer of grime and grease on your skin, so gentle cleansing products will be important to you. You may also wish to account for higher levels of sebum production by formulating skincare which has a balancing effect on the oil levels of the skin. Barrier repair functionality is also a key point to consider, as cholesterol levels are low in the skin exposed to pollution. Some people may find that pollution has a drying effect on their skin given depleted antioxidant levels, so moisturized products will be required. Finally, consider the pH of your products and aim to normalize skin pH by ensuring that the products you buy sit in the correct pH range of healthy normal skin – somewhere between 4- 6.5.

Pure Beauty – Urban Shield Air-Pollution Product

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To combat the harmful effects of air pollution, Pure Beauty has formulated the Urban Shield – Anti-Pollution range of products which have been created using their IBR Patented Technology. The unique Pomegranate Anti-Pollution Complex contains key ingredients which combat oxidative damage with powerful antioxidant and natural anti-pollution shields that deliver outstanding anti-ageing, nourishing and skin strengthening action. The actives provide combined anti-pollution power, to rejuvenate and revitalize the complexion with exceptional results.

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Moreover, the technology uses fermented extracts of pomegranate which increase the potency of the active ingredients so that they penetrate deeper, and become even more effective. Therefore, Pure Beauty Urban Shield offers unbeatable anti-pollution care for healthier, younger-looking skin.

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