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It is important to recognise which products are suitable for us. If you have oily skin, then you could be doing it serious damage by following a skincare routine for people suffering with eczema and dry skin. No worries, here we list out some skincare products that you should be trying to avoid in your routine.


Oil Based Products

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For people with naturally oily skin, oil based products will only increase the levels of oil in the outer layers of the skin, leading to an increased number of clogged pores and an oily appearance.



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Toners are very often over-effective in terms of removing oil from our skin, meaning that they actually trigger our glands to release more oil to try and compensate. This in turn leads to an overproduction that can take a while to sort itself out.



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Same case as oil based products, emollients are another culprit that will harm our oily skin Even they are very effective at softening coarse and dry skin, however, they serve only to clog pores and increase oil production on oily skin.


Oily Hair Products

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Oily hair products can also play a major role in the balance of your facial moisture levels. Any excess oils not absorbed by your hair, are likely to come into contact with your face as you sweat. This can be particularly damaging if the product is petroleum based, which is used to seal in moisture and will clog up your pores.


Combining Dehydrating Products


Working in the same way as a toner does, combining dehydrating products might seem like a great idea to buy a load of products and throw the kitchen sink at your oily skin, particularly if it’s been a major source of frustration. In the long term, however, this will be counterproductive and will instigate increased oil production, compounding the problem.


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