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Are you ready to create a brand-new skincare routine? “Clean beauty” is a good concept to use products containing non-toxic natural and/or synthetic ingredients to keep your skin healthy. Getting started with a clean skincare routine is not too complicated. Keep scrolling down to explore.


Step 1: Wash your face with a facial cleanser

Step 2: Purify your skin with a toner

Step 3: Remove the dead skin cells with an exfoliator

Step 4: Nourish your skin with a moisturizer

Natural cosmetic for spa and body care decorated eucalyptus leaves on blue table top view. Flat lay style.

(1) Check the ingredients of your skincare products

Before switching to a clean skincare routine, you should know what you are putting on your skin and absorbed into your body. EWG’s Skin Deep Makeup Database and Think Dirty app are useful reference to provide the information on product ingredients. To be a wise consumer, you have to choose clean skincare products without toxic natural and/or synthetic ingredients.

cosmetic laboratory research and development . science bio skincare cream serum product with leaves. natural organic beauty cosmetics concept. cosmetology.

(2) What “bad” ingredients you should avoid?

Read the product labels carefully and search reviews on the internet when you are choosing your clean skincare products. Here are the top 10 ingredients you should avoid. These ingredients may cause skin irritation.

(1) Hydroquinone

(2) Triclosan

(3) Quaternium-15

(4) Chloroacetamide

(5) Triclocarban

(6) Phthalates

(7) o-phenylphenol

(8) Borates

(9) Methylene Glycol

(10) Microplastic Beads

Cosmetic skin care products with kraft paper merchandise bag

(3) Pick environmental-friendly packaging

People who love “clean beauty” are more concerned about their health and the environment. Once you go “clean”, you should also shift your trust in brands with high product transparency. Pick the clean skincare products that are using sustainable packaging under environmental footprint calculation or a recycling program.

Young Japanese woman skin care

(4) Switch your skincare products one by one

We recommend you avoid switching everything as non-toxic skincare products at once. Since your skin takes time to adapt to the new products, try to switch your facial cleanser first. Instead of using a facial cleanser containing harsh ingredients, a clean facial cleanser can draw out the impurities, remove skin cells and excess oil without stripping away the skin moisture. Keep observing your skin condition from time to time. If the product irritates your skin, please stop using immediately. If the “clean” facial cleanser offers your skin a natural glow after a certain period, you can switch the remaining skincare products one by one then.


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What does 'Clean Beauty' really mean?

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