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Forget double cleansing. Amp up your cleansing regime and try the K-beauty inspired triple cleansing, that involves using a cleansing wipe followed by an oil-based cleanser and a cleansing foam. Should we all be triple cleansing? How to pick the right face wash in a sea of cleansers? Read the tips below before you try this 3-step cleansing method.  

Tip #1: Triple cleansing is not for everyone

Should we all be triple cleansing? Not at all. This multi-cleansing technique is only beneficial for those who wear sunscreen or several layers of makeup on a day-to-day basis, and for those who live in very hot and polluted environments. A triple cleanse can help remove all traces of makeup, impurities, pollutants and bacteria, so that your skin can probably breathe and help any skincare product you apply afterwards to work its magic. Yet, if you have dry or oily skin, double-cleansing is good enough as an extra around of cleansing can strip your skin of normal oil, making your skin even oilier and drier.

Woman applying cleansing lotion to face, using cotton wool pad

Tip #2: Pick the right cleansers

Picking the right cleansing products is key. The right cleansing wipes/micellar water /oil/foam need to remove impurities, pollution particles, excess oil and makeup without stripping your skin. The wrong cleansers can wreak havoc on your skin. Avoid using cleansers with harsh cleansing agents and ingredients like parabens, alcohols and SLS. Keep in mind that you should focus on how the cleansers make your skin feel, not on the prices. So often pricey skincare products don’t necessarily work any better than those bargain buys you can get at your local drug store.

Woman taking a bottle with cosmetics from the shelf of the pharmacy supermarket, close-up view on the bottle with blank label

Tip #3: Apply skincare before you dry off

Moisturizing is very important after cleansing, in order to replenish the oil and moisture lost during washing.  Don’t forget to apply rich hydrating serum and lotion when your skin is still damp immediately after cleansing for maximum results. It is proven that moisturizers are most effective when skin is still damp as it best absorbs the moisture and locks it for a long time. Gently massage in the skincare products to increase blood circulations for better absorption of products.  

cropped shot of beautiful woman in bathrobe applying face cream

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