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Everyone wishes for waking up with a good skin day! Yet, you spot that annoying acne when you wash your face. Even you follow all the skin care routine, it still happened to you! Should you stop applying your face masks when you have acne? There are some rumours that face masks will make your skin even worse. Face mask options are endless, you just have to choose the right products to calm and soothe your skin.

How to choose your right face masks?

There are a variety of masks at the counter, from different ingredients and materials to different textures, such as sheet mask, clay mask, scrub mask, cream mask and cleansing mask. Based on your skin type, choosing the formulated mask will help you prevent acne or acne inflammation.

Dry skin: Moisturizing face mask is the best choice for dry skin, it enhances the hydration of your skin and nourish your skin!

Oily skin/Prone skin: Clay masks function like a magnet; it would help you to pull out dirt from your pore.

Sensitive skin: When it comes to sensitive skin, you must choose your masks wisely! Using cream masks would help your nourish your skin and soothe the inflammation. Besides, it would fasten the curing process.

closeup young beauty face and facial mask

Do the ingredients matter?

When you already get acne, it means that your pore is infected by bacteria. You do not want it to get worsen; hence, you must be careful on the ingredients for the mask you choose. We have come up some ingredients which may calm and soothe your skin!

1)Tea: Tea based face masks would infuse your skin with Vitamin C and E to rejuvenate cells and eliminate accumulated free radicals during the day.

2)Charcoal: Charcoal based masks do deep cleansing for your pore.

3)Clay: Natural clay masks detoxify your skin in order to reduce chance to get inflammation.

4)Glycolic Acid: Not only does it help to exfoliate dead cells from your skin, it also helps foster the growth of your new cell!

5)Salicylic Acid: We could say Salicylic Acid is the biggest enemy of acne; it helps you to heal and prevent acne.

top view on straw mat. Jar of cream natural set.


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