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In recent years, a lot of people have been paying attention to what’s in their beauty products. Planning to go green in your beauty routine but have completely no idea what the buzzword green beauty actually means? You may already have a rough picture in your mind about it. But, what exactly are the differences between green, natural and organic beauty? Let’s have a look.

#1 What does Green Beauty mean?

 “Green beauty” is not a regulated term. In fact, it’s an umbrella term that refers to skincare or makeup products made with natural or organic plant-derived ingredients without the use of toxic chemicals. This term also indicates that they are manufactured using sustainable and renewable resources, such as wind and solar power. So, Green beauty is also called “eco-beauty”. Very often, not only are the contents being “green”, the packaging itself is also made with recycled, recyclable materials.

Natural organic extraction and green herbal leaves, Flower aroma essence solution in laboratory.

#2 The differences: Green, Clean & Natural beauty

These beauty buzzwords are often being used interchangeably since there’s hardly any regulation as to what can be called green, clean or natural. Can you tell the differences between them? The key differences are summarised briefly below:


  • Clean – containing non-toxic ingredients both natural and/or synthetic.

  • Natural – with ingredients sourced from nature like plants, botanical extracts and minerals.

  • Green – sourced from natural, organic ingredients; sustainable and environmental responsibility towards the planet.

Top view of cosmetic lotion with white flowers and green leaf. Skin care beauty treatment with jar of body moisturizer. High angle view of white body lotion with little green leaf on marble background.

#3 What ingredients to avoid?

Planning to make the switch to green beauty? Read the ingredient labels carefully before making a purchase. Make sure the products you wish to buy do not contain any questionable ingredients, such as BHA, parabens, ceteareth glycol, resorcinol, sodium lauryl sulfate and mineral oil. Remember not to go overboard when buying green products as they usually come with little to no preservatives. That means they won’t last as long.

Young woman customer choosing sunscreen lotion at the pharmacy store


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