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One of the reasons why you hate the humid weather is that your makeup is going to fade out easily. Keeping makeup from melting off your face in summer is a task that everyone should take it seriously. You can keep your makeup stay by adjusting your makeup and lifestyle routine. Read on to find out the tips.

Clean & Moist

To keep your makeup from melting off your face, proper skincare will help a lot. Skin is oily often because it is dehydrated. Therefore, the base before wearing any makeup is crucial. Cleaning up your face and applying moisturizer before makeup can keep your face hydrated throughout the day. Also, you can take a facial mist along with you. You will find that a fine spray can cool your skin and refresh your makeup. It makes your makeup last longer in the summer humid weather.

Woman spraying facial mist on her face, summertime skincare concept


Some may think primers are not necessary because it doesn’t fit in everyone’s skin. But for the humid weather or oily skin, a primer will be your saver. It helps your makeup cling to the skin longer and prevent the shine later in the day. Choose a primer specifically you’re your skin problems, such as shine, pores, redness) and apply it after moisturizer. Your makeup will stay in place even in the humid day.

Warm beige concealer jar and cream smear on white background


Under the humid weather, all you need is oil control. Apply a thin layer of powder after the primer or foundation to finish your look, you will look like dewy instead of greasy. It is the perfect hack for oil control and your makeup will finally last longer.

powder and black brush isolated

Waterproof Eye makeup

No matter it’s Mascara or eyeliner, choosing the one with water-resistant or waterproof formula could let your makeup stay in the humid weather, sweating, or even when you cry. And the liquid eyeliners last longer than pencils if your lids are moist. Also, if you want the eye makeup to last throughout the day, you can apply an eyelid primer before wearing makeup.

Mascara brush stroke and liquid eyeliner isolated on background (with clipping path)


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