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You are what you eat. If you want to build the body you want, you need to get various foods that can enhance your performance. The right foods not only can help you build muscle, but also improve endurance, and speed recovery. Read on to find out the best healthy fitness foods that can get you in shape faster.


Blueberries regarded as a superfood that has an effect to reduce the inflammation of your body. It is free radicals that can travel around your body damaging cells, causing disease and triggering signs of premature aging. During and after workouts, you can also eat blueberries to provide energy to your muscles quickly. It is the best fitness foods that can help you get in shape faster.

Blueberries with leaves. Selective focus


Salmon is not only one of the best choice for muscle building, but also good for your overall health. It is rich in Omega 3, fatty acid and protein that can boost your muscular growth power and increase the energy. It also helps to trim the fat that benefits to grow your muscle. Apart from the fitness benefits, it is believed that it can slow down memory loss as you age. It is good for your heart health as well.

Glazed salmon fillet with sesame close-up on a plate. horizontal


When it comes to bone-building calcium, milk will be your good supplements. Its carbs can give energy on your body’s fat-burning system for getting your body in shape faster, and its protein helps repair muscles. In addition, a warm glass of milk around bedtime may also boost sleep-inducing serotonin and melatonin that can help you feel relax and get the sleep you want.

glass of milk and bottle of milk on the wood table. with copy space for text.


If you are a vegetarian or allergic to dairy products, broccoli can be your alternative. Plant-based foods such as broccoli and kale offer a healthy dose to build your bone calcium. If you do endurance sports, you should ensure to get enough calcium in your diet.

Fresh organic broccoli in an old metal colander shot on rustic wooden table. This vegetable is considered a healthy salad ingredient. Predominant colors are green and brown. Low key DSRL studio photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mk II and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM


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