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Washing your face seems so simple, right? But you might not even know that you might be doing it all wrong this whole time. Ready for a clean start? Read on and learn how to wash your face in the correct way with these 4 steps.

#1 Wash your hands

Wash your hands thoroughly first with soap before touching your face. Bacteria is all over our hands. If you wash your face with dirty hands, you are actually transferring bacteria, which can cause acne and skin infections. Make sure you wash your hands first.

Woman washing her hands.

#2 Use circular motion

Spend time massaging cleanser gently into your face with fingertips in a circular motion to boost blood circulation. Start from the centre of your face and rub your fingers in an upward motion to help your skin stay tight and naturally lifted. Spend a little more time on your t-zone, and along your hairline and jawline where there might be congestion. Try to massage your face for 30-60 seconds. Do not over do it.

The woman who takes care of her face

#3 Splash face with warm water

Temperature does matter. You should not splash your face with either icy cold or steaming hot water. The truth is hot water can strip your skin of natural oils that keep your skin balanced, while rinsing your face with cold water does not effectively remove the daily grime. It’s best to stick to lukewarm water.

Cropped image of beautiful young woman washing her hands in the bathroom

#4 Pat dry with a soft towel

Do not sit around waiting for your skin to dry. Letting your skin air-dry only means drier skin as water just evaporates. Remember to lightly pat your skin with a soft towel immediately after rinsing, so that the skin is still damp when you lather on your toner, essence, serum, and moisturizer. Never harshly scrub your skin unless you want to irritate your skin and make it lose elasticity. 

young woman cleaning her face with  towel


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