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Lipstick is one of the most powerful items a woman can carry in her bag. It possesses power like no other beauty products. What’s so powerful about lipstick?  Let’s find out now.

#1 Boost your confidence

When in doubt, wear lipstick! Wearing the right lip colour makes you feel more confident and powerful. You can never go wrong with a classic, bold red lipstick. Try it and you instantly feel more pulled together and confident in yourself. Too shy to wear red? Remember you don’t need the confidence to wear it, and the truth is that the colour itself gives you confidence. A red lipstick is such a quick fix for confidence.

red lipstick makeup seductive sensual provocative sexy woman lips concept

#2 Lift your mood

Having a bad day at work? A great lipstick colour can instantly make your day better. According to findings, in fact, wearing lipstick can also lift our spirits, especially in difficult times. Want to feel extra happy and cheerful? Simply swipe on some vibrant colours on your lips and you’ll feel as bright as sunshine. Don’t be surprised if everyone you meet in the office corridor flashes you a smile.

Close up of young asian woman sticking out tongue and looking away. Korean female model making funny face against red background.

#3 Multi-use makeup essential

Lipstick isn’t limited to just lips. There are many ways to use your lipsticks that have nothing to do with your lips. Doubling as a long-lasting cream blush on your cheeks is probably one of the most common alternative uses of lipstick. Swipe your rosy pink or coral lipstick on the apples of your cheeks and blend in for a natural look. Or you can try swiping some nude lipstick on your eyelids to create dewy eye makeup.

Creative concept photo of cosmetics swatches on white background.

#4 Brighten your smile

There is such a thing as lipstick for whiter teeth. Forget fancy toothpastes, gels or whitening strips, applying the right lipstick shades can make your pearly whites look brighter. Try to create the illusion of a dazzling smile with a red lippie that cancels out any yellowness on your teeth caused by coffee and wine consumption. Just make sure you look for a red with a blue undertone to make your teeth look whiter. You’ll be amazed by what a lipstick can do to your smile.

Red lips in a young woman.


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