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Too much time in air-conditioning can cause dry skin easily. People like to use hydrating spray for skin moisturizing. In fact, hydrating does not mean locking in the moisture. Excessive hydration can even change your skin to be sensitive. Thus, during skin hydration, we must pay attention on how to lock in skin moisture. Learn to use face spray and mask properly can make your skin to be moisturized properly.


Excessive hydration may change your skin to be sensitive

Most girls pay great attention on moisturizing to prevent skin aging. Moisturizing cream and moisturizing mask are indispensable skin care products now. However, if more hydrated your skin is, the more itching your skin feel. It means that you are using wrong skincare products and your skin is likely to change to be more sensitive.  When your skin is acting as a barrier to prevent structure damage, water in the skin will evaporate faster. It is more susceptible for bacterial infection and your skin will become loss of protection. The skin is prone to losing moisture.

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When the skin loses moisture, many girls will use hydrating sprays to replenish water, However, hydrating sprays usually only replenish water without locking in moisture. To reach the ultimate goal of water retention, after using the hydrating product, remember to apply moisturizing cream, so as not to lose water from your skin.

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