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The winter days are finally over, and you deserve to enjoy that beautiful summer sky outside. We all know how important it is to put on sunscreen. And if you are spending a long time outdoors, it is crucial to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. Want to know how to reapply it over makeup? Scroll down now to find out!  

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Reapply sunscreen without foundation

If you’ve only put on eyeliner and lipstick without any foundation, you can simply cleanse your face and reapply sunscreen after spraying your face with moisturising mist. 

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Reapply sunscreen over light makeup

For light makeup with only a makeup base and powder, use a spray-on sunscreen. Products like sunscreen lotion and milk tend to be thicker and can easily mess up your original makeup.

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Reapply sunscreen over heavy makeup

If you have used heavier makeup such as makeup base, sunscreen, blemish balm and concealer, then sunscreen lotion, milk or even spray-on products are not recommended, as they will ruin your makeup upon reapplication. So the best thing to use here is pressed powder SPF makeup.

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Don’t forget your sun protection if you want to keep your skin in top condition!

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