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Summer can be a nightmare for girls with oily skin – no one wants to spend hours perfecting their makeup, only to have oil and sweat ruin it when they step outdoors! So how can you prevent your makeup from running and melting like ice-cream in the hot sun?


The secret lies in selecting cosmetics that can help control and remove your skin’s excess oil. Here are five guidelines for lasting beauty without greasy skin!


Oil-control makeup base

0706 pic_1

Select a makeup base that will lock your skin’s oil in, to keep it off your face and help your makeup last.


Matte finishes cream foundation

0706 pic_2

A matte finish cream foundation will help your makeup look less shiny. If you find the matte finish a little dull, mix in a drop or two of a liquid face illuminator.


Moisten your beauty blender

0706 pic_4

Your makeup can look patchy when your foundation isn’t evenly applied. To avoid this, moisten your beauty blender with cold water before using it to apply your cream foundation.


Powder your face

0706 pic_6

Powder is a good companion for oily skin because it not only reduces your skin’s shininess, but also sets your makeup. Regularly pat it on oily areas of your face when you’re outdoors. Avoid using any powder that glistens!


Finishing spray

0706 pic_7

Apply a finishing spray once your makeup is complete, and again after powdering your face or touching up your makeup, to help keep your skin hydrated.


Follow these easy steps to enjoy a beautiful, oil-free face all summer long!

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