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In recent years, skin fasting become a hot topic among girls. Instead of using too much skincare and cosmetics products, we should let our skin to restore and renew itself. However, the efficacy of this method is very controversial. Do you want to try? It is better to understand the principle and how to do it before deciding whether to start or not!

What is meaning of skin fasting?

It is said that this concept was proposed by a Japanese doctor, Yujin Mulongyi. He is a master of plastic surgery. He published a book to ask people to throw away their skincare products. It is more daring to point out that “the need to use skin care products” is only a reason for advertisers and beauty companies to make money.


Principles of skin fasting:


(1) Wash only with water/pure soap

The theory of skin fasting suggests that frequent face washing can cause the skin to be too dry and damage the surface of the skin, destroying the surface self-protection, and it will cause fine lines and slack. It is recommended not to use facial cleansing products, just wash your face with clean water and pure soap without surfactant gently.

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(2) Do not apply toner

The skin fasting theory believes that the main component of toner is water, when the water evaporates on the skin, between the cells will crack and make the skin drier.

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(3) Apply only a small amount of Vaseline for moisturizing

Do not use functional chemicals such as whitening, anti-aging, wrinkle removal, etc., just pay attention on simple cleaning and moisturizing. If your skin feels dry, apply a small amount of Vaseline. Because Vaseline is not oxidized, other creams and vegetable oils are easily oxidized and have the potential to cause harmful substances after oxidation.

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(4) Reduce sunscreen

Because sunscreen products contain a lot of chemicals, doctors do not advocate the use of sunscreen products, he believes that the absorption of the right amount of ultraviolet light can make the skin health. If you are not exposed to the sun for a short period of time, you can use physical sun protection, like hat/face towel.

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(5) No blackhead stickers

The blackheads are old wastes formed by the exfoliation of keratinocytes. The clear blackhead paste can immediately remove the pimples, but it will cause internal damage to the pores. In order to recover the wound, the stratum corneum will be thicken, causing skin problem of large pores.

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Are you suitable for skin fasting?

The effect of skin fasting varies from different people! Some people may have problems of molting, acne and long grease after trial. Therefore, before you start, it is recommended you should ask the dermatologist or check your skin adaptation level for three to seven days. If the result is too bad, it is recommended to try “intermediate skin fasting”, that is, only apply skin fasting 1-2 days a week to let your skin to have enough time to take a rest.






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