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Not sure about you, but we defs got a kick out of the first month’s workout of the 12-Week Fitness Challenge. With those endorphins already flowing, it won’t take much motivation to get us into the swing of Month 2. As before, you want to do the workout at least once a week, but aim for more times if you can – it’s only 15 minutes, after all. We hope you’re seeing progress – time for the next instalment!


Squat then kick

0527 gif_1

We love a squat, but we’re all about adding in a few extra elements, which target certain muscle groups. These squats with a kick will give your booty, glutes and hamstrings an extra burn.


Mountain climbers

0527 gif_2

This one is a hardcore heart pumper and will work muscles all over your body. We’re talking core, biceps, obliques, quads, hamstrings and more! Defs don’t skip this one.


Donkey kicks

0527 gif_3

Time for an all-in-one core, lower back, legs and booty workout. Donkey kicks are the perfect way to keep those muscles working but slow down on the cardio.


Spider-Man plank

0527 gif_4

Now it’s time for a core-crunching exercise that’s gonna work your abs HARD. The Spider-Man plank will improve your balance and tone up your tummy area.


Ins and outs

0527 gif_5

Keep those abs working with this exercise, which will attack your core and leg muscles. Power through it… your beach bod is only a few crunches away from fabulous!


Reps and sets

Spend 30 seconds on each of these workouts and take a 30-second break between each move. This will give you a 5-minute set. Grab some water, get your breath back and repeat the set twice more with another break in between. And there you have it – you’ve got yourself a 15-minute HIIT workout!


Track your progress in any way you like. Keep a note of the number of moves you can do in 60 seconds so you can see if your stats increase. Record yourself and track the improvement in your form and strength. Whichever way you choose, make sure you share it with us on Insta by tagging #12weekchallenge. Good luck!


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