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Want to get that post-workout flush without, well, the exercising part? Or do you think your skin always looks best after a bit of afternoon delight? Well, we’re here to tell you that you can make that glowy, yes-I’ve-just-had-a-bit-of-lovin’ look last all day with a bit of makeup magic. That’s right, a simple sweep of pinky peach can bring your face to life (even if you’ve had one too many bevs the night before), get your glow back AND – best of all – it’s totally on trend. Here’s how to do it, gang – blusher brushes at the ready.

0432 pic_1

Step 1. Prep and prime

For a bright look, smooth and sheeny skin is the sweet spot. A good base is essential before you fake a flush, so get glowing with a brightening primer. Squeeze a pea-sized blob into the palm of your hand and work it into the skin for an even, silky surface.

Now it’s time for some coverage. You’re going for a no-makeup makeup look, so not too much.

Squeeze a blob of a featherlight foundation and a liquid highlighter into the palm of your hand and swirl together. Use your fingertips to apply to your face, working it up to your hairline and down to your neckline for barely-there coverage.

Now your base is in place, it’s time to lighten the area under your eyes. Starting at the inner corner, dab a brightening concealer underneath the eye, moving along until you reach the outer corner. Blend with your ring finger in a gentle patting motion.

0432 pic_2

Step 2. Fake a flush

Not sure which shade to pick to add colour to your cheeks? Peachy tones generally work well on all skin tones. As for choosing the right texture, cream and gel blushers work for drier skin types (powders can settle into lines), while powders work well on oily skin. Whether you’re in the cream team or all about the powder puff, both types of blush work brilliantly.

0432 pic_3  

Step 3. Finish with a flourish

You’ve got the base, you’ve got the blush and you’re looking bang. on. trend. If you want to take it one step further, add a powder highlighter on your cheekbones to make ’em pop. Using a fan brush, lightly dust highlighter onto the tops of cheekbones, your Cupid’s bow and down the centre of your nose for instant radiance.

This is one look where matchy-matchy makeup rules, so finish with a lip colour that complements your blush.







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