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Choosing useful Christmas gifts for mums is not an easy task. Stuck for ideas? Worry not. We have listed out some useful gift ideas for mums who don’t want anything. From stress-relief products to daily essentials, we’ve rounded up the best 5 useful Christmas gifts for mums in 2022.

1 Aromatherapy

A humidifier with a diffuser function is perfect for the mum who loves pleasurable fragrances. Blending a few drops of your mum’s favourite essential oil, not only add more hydration into the air but also helps you be immersed in a relaxing scented environment.

Already got a humidifier? A natural herbal candle will be an alternative. You can opt for the comforting lavender, calming cedarwood and chamomile, or any scents your mums would like.

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2 Heating pad

A soothing heating pad is a warm and toasty gift for any mum who needs rest and relaxation. Whether it is an electronic or a microwave heating pad, it helps the tired mum to relieve the sore shoulder, back or neck.

3 Massager

Giving your mum a spa day is not enough. To deal with muscle soreness, a handy massager is the best choice for a mum who works a long day. Treat your mum a home spa experience with a foot massager or neck massager.

4 Sneakers

Whether your mum is a runner or only wants to have a comfortable walk in her daily life, the sneaker is a useful gift for the mum who loves sports and fashion!  

5 Bluetooth Speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker is easy to take on any journey. Your mum can enjoy her favourite music or podcasts on any occasion – whether working out in the yard or chatting with friends on a picnic.

Check out more gift ideas below!


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