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Nude makeup is trending, but many of us share a love-hate relationship with the look. In spite of the care we shower on our skin, pimples, wrinkles and spots still appear. And because layers and layers of concealer only make these blemishes more obvious, achieving a light and clean look seems impossible. Here are five clever tricks to make unwanted blemishes disappear!

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  1. Before You Begin: Apply a foundation before you apply concealer.
  2. Concealers come in different colours and each serves a different purpose. Purple has an illuminating effect; green can neutralise redness, suitable for concealing zits and blood vessels; orange helps cover under eye bags; pink hides dark eye circles while peach highlights the area around your eyes to really make your eye shadow pop.
  3. Pro Tip: Apply concealer a little at a time and repeat. If you try to speed things up, you risk ruining your makeup completely. Gently dab the required places with concealer. Then, use a small flat concealer brush, blur out the area and hide the blemish. When you do, don’t brush the concealer outwards from the middle of the blemish. Instead, brush the area surrounding the blemish until everything is covered.
  4. Correct the blemish then cover it with a concealer that’s a little paler than your skin tone to achieve a better effect.
  5. After that, set your makeup to complete your flawless look.


Once you know what each concealer colour does, it’s easy to match the right colour you need. Just apply your chosen concealer following the tips above. Here’s to flawless, glowing skin!



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