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In the era of social media presence, we show whatever we are doing on Instagram or Facebook no matter we are eating, having a party with friends and of course doing exercise. When it comes to exercise, we would like our friends (or enemy, if you have one!) how hard we are training up our fitness. So, not only we have to show our sweaty workout session photo, but also a beauty selfie! It sounds difficult to be sweaty and charming at one go, right? We are here to make you a GYM goddess with easy GYM proof make-up routine!

1. Start with face primer

Girls, I expect you do your exercise really hard! So, when you are doing running, dancing, yoga or even HIIT, you would definitely break a sweat! For that reason, you need to have a barrier between your skin and foundation so that your foundation would not slide off easily. Starting your GYM proof make-up with primer would be a good choice, a thin layer before your foundation would help you to smooth your skin and keep your make-up last longer!

exhausted sporty asian chinese women runners after fitness running workout outdoors

2. Go for the lightweight foundation

When it comes to GYM proof make-up, you just want to smooth your skin instead of putting a heavy make-up on your face. So, go for the lightweight foundation if you go to the gym. Why? Imagine your heavy foundation mix together with your salty sweat, it doesn’t look so good, right? A water-based foundation is a good choice for you, at least it keeps your skin looks glowing!

Makeup products for perfect complexion. Concealer, foundation and correcting, bronzing, highlighting powder with make up brushes. Toned image

3. Touch up with lip and cheek stain

You don’t want yourself look pale after a few Jumping Jacks. We got you! But still, put down your red lipstick or shimmer. Just touch up with the lip stain and cheek stain if you really feel like to have some colours on your face. Why stain? As stain is ultra-light, it would last longer after a sweaty workout session. Besides, it looks matte after your sweat is dried.

Beautiful girl preparing for workout in the gym with blurred lights in the background, shallow dof

4. Tie up a ponytail

When you are doing cardio exercise, all the up and down makes you hair always mad like your heartbeat! You would not want your beautiful hair going everywhere. What can you do? It is as simple as tie up a ponytail with your favorite hairband. Remember to use a flat and thick band that will prevent your hair strands out of your eyes!


Rear view of muscular build woman tightening her ponytail before exercising on treadmill in a health club.


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