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Matte lipstick is a trend. If you want to apply it flawlessly, you need a skill. It doesn’t require you to apply like a makeup artist, it just requires patience and tools to finish your look. Once you get the hang of it, you will find the bold and matte lip can completely change up your look. Follow the easy steps to get your matte lips.

Exfoliate your lips

You may skip this step when you apply the other cream lipstick or lip gloss. But for the matte lipstick, exfoliating your lips before applying lipstick is essential. It can create a smooth canvas to avoid a cakey look. Exfoliate every other day with a gentle lip scrub on your finger to get your smooth canvas for a matte lipstick.

Redhead model using a strawberry homemade lip scrub to exfoliate the skin on her lips

Moisture your lips

Sometimes your lip scrub can’t provide enough moisture for your lips, it is suggested to apply a thin nourishing lip balm to hydrate your lips. This not only protects lips from cold weather, but also helps fill in any cracks to let your matte lipstick go on smooth. In addition, since matte lipstick can be super drying, apply a thin layer of balm on your lips before applying lipstick to keep lips moisturized.

Natural cosmetics for lip skin care. Lip balms, cream, gentle honey scrub with green leaves. Close-up, selective focus

Lips liner

One of the hardest parts of applying matte lipstick is staying in the lines. You will find the lip liner is your real savior. You can apply lip liner before using your matte lipstick so that you can ensure the color get inside the lines. It can shape your lips naturally.

Makeup Lips. Closeup Of Beautiful Young Woman Applies Color Contour Lip Pen, Lip Liner. Girl Contouring Sexy Full Lips With Lip Pencil, Beauty Product. Cosmetics Concept. High Resolution Image

Matte lipstick

You can apply your lip colour straight from the tube or use a lipstick brush to achieve a flawless matte lip. At last, you may need to blot lips on a piece of toilet paper. Such an act can remove any excess color or leftover shine to create your matte lipstick.

Gorgeous young woman with beautiful eye make-up covering one eye with hand


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