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When it comes to the first online date after chatting days and nights, you hope to present the best self to impress your date. We all have been here, feeling anxious for pre-date prep,yet feeling excited to see the person you are attract to. Some girls say you should not wear make-up at all, others suggest that you should wear a casual make-up. So, what should you do? We have come up with 4 make-up tips so that you can conquer your first online date without a sweat!


1. Be the way you are

You might think it is just a cheesy line. Yet, this is rule of thumb. Don’t ever try to impress your date by changing anything you are such as, dye your hair, facial, dramatic hair-cut. Facial is something that you can’t control, you may get a little break out. So if you want to do facial, you will have to do it few days before your date! What’s more important? You should always keep your skin hydrated, putting lot of moisturizer after shower is your high priority!

Asian woman applying cream in her face

3. Add some sparkle for your eye

Eye contact is vitally important on your first date! Always remember being natural is the first priority. Filling in your eyebrow with a color similar with your hair is the prime thing to do for your eye! Then, lengthen your top and bottom eyelashes with black waterproof mascara! Lastly, the secret of sparkles is to apply a gold or bronze shimmery eye shadow up creases of your eyes!

Female eye natural brush for shadows macro

4. Plump your lips

Outline your lip shape by a lip liner, then fill in your lip. You are suggested to use pastel color such as peach, pink or orange. This trick will ensure that the color can last after dinner or drinks. Lastly, you can furnish your lips by applying lightweight lipstick or lip gloss to plump your lips!


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