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The full brow trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Step up your brow game simply by tinting your brows to create a thicker brow look, which is only about two minutes of work. Here we’ve rounded up everything you need to know before getting your eyebrows tinted. Keep reading to learn more now.

Beautiful woman

Q1: Can anybody get their eyebrows tinted?

Not entirely, some of you may be allergic to specific ingredients commonly found in hair dyes. To play safe, you need to have a patch test 24 hrs prior to a brow tint, which involves having a small amount of dye applied behind your ear and left overnight.

Allergy word written under brown torn paper.

Q2: How often should you tint your eyebrows?

The tint slowly begins to fade after two weeks. Like coloring your hair, it is best if you can have your brows dyed once a month.

Daily plans

Q3: What color should your eyebrows be?

Don’t go too matchy-matchy with your hair colour. The best option is to create a subtle colour difference between your brows and hair for a more natural look.

Hair Dye Color Swatches

Q4: Things to do before a brow tint?

Make sure your brows are clean and make-up free. Then, use a spoolie to brush through your brows and apply a thin layer of Vaseline around your brows to protect your skin from staining. 

Eyebrows Care. Closeup Of Woman Beautiful Blue Eye, Perfect Shaped Brow, Long Eyelashes With Professional Makeup And Brow Gel Brush. Young Female Model Shaping Brown Eyebrows. High Resolution Image

Q5:Do you still need brow makeup after having your brows tinted?

Tinting can make gaps between your brow hair more obvious, so you have to fill those holes with a brow pencil and hold the hair in place with a brow gel. 

Eyebrows Makeup. Beautiful Woman With Closed Eyes, Perfect Make-up Contouring Brows With Brown Eyebrow Pencil. Closeup Of Female Model Beauty Face With Smooth Skin On Grey Blackground. High Resolution

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