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Blush can make you look like a teenager, and it can make you look more mature, too. Depending on how you apply it, blush can be a magic wand that wakes up and re-energises your skin. And its versatility can also help you create different vibes and looks!


Sweet Macaroon and a Circular Motion

To get rid of that matronly look, apply blush to the apple of each cheek using a circular motion. Finding the apples of your cheeks is easy: Just smile in the mirror! Blend the colour outwards in a circular motion. Pick a sweet pink or pastel purple blusher for a pretty flush and youthful glow.

0912 pic_1_0

Elegant Orange-Red and an Oval-Shape

Tired of your baby face and ready to look more elegant? Create an air of maturity by applying blush with an oval movement. Pick an orange red blusher and apply it with an angular motion, blending from the apple of your cheek towards your temple. This is great for slimming a round face for a stylish look!

0912 pic_2_0

Slimming Triangular Application

The perfect blush application not only helps you achieve that special radiance – it can also complement your makeup! Dip your brush into powder blush and glide it diagonally up from underneath your cheekbones, blending the blush into a natural triangular area. This creates a shadow with gradual intensity and conceals an angular jawline, offering a soft and gentle look that’s guaranteed to attract attention!

0912 pic_3_0

Sun-kissed Looks and a Linear Motion

For lovers of playful, colourful looks, a sun-kissed blush application is perfect, and it’s so American! Apply your blush in a linear motion in the shape of an inverted seagull, between the sides of your nose and your cheeks. You can add more colour on your cheeks (and make sure you blush the middle of your nose, too!). Create an instant and lovely radiant effect! For an even more fun look, use brown liquid eyeliner to create some cute fake freckles! (giggle)

0912 pic_4

A pop of blush on your cheeks can enhance your makeup and give you a natural and healthy glow. There are many different ways to apply blush, so make sure you use the ones that suit you best for a pretty look full of confidence and youthful energy!






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