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It seems like every time you open Instagram, there must be a beauty brand is launching a new lipstick, palette, or contour kit. While it certainly keeps getting ready fun, the sheer volume of products dropping on the regular makes it impossible to try everything. We select narrow few new makeup items that are worth adding to your beauty kit. Let’s check it out!

1. Rouge lipstick

Want a serious shot of color on your lips? Being bold is the key theme of 2019, let’s add moisturizing rouge lipstick in to your beauty kit. Red color looks good on just about everyone and has had a cult following ever since it launched in 1999!


2. Oil Control Primer

Want to make your make up last longer? When it comes to spring, the weather is getting humid, and it makes your skin complexing becomes oily. An oil control primer saves you from hassle, apply a layer of oil control primer can prevent you from skin break out, It mattifies your skin really well and keeps makeup on all day long.


3. 3D Mascara

Not everyone was born with long and thick eyelash, it caused a lot of headaches to apply mascara. With 3D mascara, It has a mix of bristle sizes to really grab every lash, and the inky black formula makes them look miles long. Besides, it adds an excellent curl and doesn’t flake or smudge.


4. Two-steps liquid lipstick

Brown lip is coming back this 2019, want to embrace the nude color lips? Why not add two steps liquid lipstick into your beauty kit! The two-step kit contains a liquid lipstick that dries down super matte. But the magic happens when you apply the topcoat, which adds back moisture to your lips and seals in the color for hours.

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