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Have you ever tried to use peach colors on the face? Warm and cozy peach tones are such great and casual colors for the face; we can never get enough of them!

No honestly, peach makeup are perfect when you want a casual ‘lift’ and ‘brightening’ for your face, so today, we are teaching you how to integrate it into your everyday make up routine!


Peach Eyeshadow.

0340 pic_1

Peachy eye shadows are good for everyday wear. They are versatile. Try matte for a more muted and soft finish, adding a bit of light almond brown by the crease can increase the depth of your eyes, creating more definition for your face! In reverse, cream or glitter eye shadows have a highly youthful and healthy finish, and would brighten your skin even more, looking as fresh as ever. For a vibrant, young look, don’t apply shadow shades. Instead, apply glittery champagne highlighter shades at the inner part of your eyes and under the eyes. What we love about peachy shadows is the natural and wholesome effect it gives off. It is just without doubt, really pretty.


Peach blushes

0340 pic_2

Peachy blushes – the color range can be immensely overwhelming.

If you are going for a more fresh-faced, active and spirited look, go for a coral or orange peach.


Add a bit of highlighter on the cheekbones for an extra healthy glow! However, for a more mature and poised finish, go for a deep or mauve peach. Always, if you are a ‘mature look’ fan, swipe on some bronzer around the hollow of your cheeks, nose and jawline.

Again, peach blushes tend to contain glitter or sheen, so if you are not a big fan, matte is always the way out.

Since peach blushes are warm in tone and very similar to skin shades, it is without doubt the ideal color for everyday wear!


Peach lipsticks 

0340 pic_3

Last but definitely not least, peach lipsticks! They add the subtlest pop of color to your lips, definitely not too overpowering and good for your everyday make up routine.

No matter if your preferences are coral peaches or deep peaches tones, the texture of the lipstick is the key factor to the final outlook.

Matte lip creams are more subdued and somber, giving off a more sophisticated and smart finish.

If mattes were not your cup of tea, gloss or even lip balms would be great!

If you want to be creative, try to use a dabbing motion to concentrate the colors on the inner part of your lips, fading it out.

The results would be a gorgeous and fun ‘bitten lips’ style!


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