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Summer is full of wonderful things — but melting makeup, greasy skin and hair are not among them. It’s time to up your beauty game to keep you looking fresh and cool no matter how high the temperatures get this summer. Follow along to see what beauty hacks we have to help you beat the sweltering heat now.

#1 Blotting papers

Struggling with oily skin and greasy hair? Blotting papers are handy, super affordable skin savers that will help you take care of excess shine as soon as it strikes. Simply press a sheet gently against areas that are particularly oily or shiny of your face, such as T-zone, chin, as well as into the roots. Hold for a few seconds while the sheet absorbs the oil. Remember to keep a blotting paper pad in your purse and never be caught out with greasy skin and hair again. If you don’t have it with you, you can use napkins or toilet paper instead.

Young asian businesswoman smile and use oil blotting paper on her face

#2 Baby powder

Baby powder is your lifesaver this summer. It is a cheaper alternative to dry shampoo. Simply dust some baby powder on your roots as it will soak up the oil and grease. After that, brush the hair from the roots to the ends to blend the powder in. Baby powders do just as good a job in setting makeup. Use a large powder brush and set your makeup with baby powder once you’re finished. Make sure to only apply a small amount to keep it as translucent as possible. The powder will also work to absorb any excess oil to stay matte.

Talcum powder on hands

#3 Waterproof makeup

Sweat, rain, and humidity in the summertime can quickly turn the makeup look you did in the morning into something that looks straight out of a horror movie. The best bet for no smudging eye makeup is to swap your eye makeup for waterproof formulas. Invest in waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow with extra staying power. Avoid using eye cream on your lids as it can break down makeup, and smooth on an eye primer instead for longer-lasting eye makeup. You should also double up works for liner by using a small angled brush to press dark shadow over your eyeliner to set it for longer wear.

Two young women pampering themselves at a sleepover

#4 Setting spray

Some people may think the step of setting spray is unnecessary in your makeup routine. But it will be one of the makeup essentials that you must have in the summertime. It helps prevent your makeup from fading and keeps your look shine-free and hydrated.

Woman spraying facial mist on her face, summertime skincare concept

#5 Dry shampoo

Hot weather leads to scalp sweat that may lead to extra greasy hair as a result. Washing your hair daily may not be the solution as frequent shampooing may strip the scalp of its natural oils that may lead to producing extra oil. All you need is to invest in a dry shampoo to suck up the oil in your scalp and leave your hair soft and greasy-free.

A portrait of a woman styling and drying her hair

#6 Concealer

In the warmer weather, oil can make your eyeshadow slip and slide. You can try to apply a bit of concealer on your lids before your eye shadow. It not only can make the color pop but also let the color long-lasting.

Closeup image of closed woman eye with beautiful bright makeup, smoky eyes

#7 Cool application

Keeping your moisturizer in the refrigerator is one of the summer hacks to keep your makeup fresh. It can treat your skin irritation, moisture, and cooling your skin. The cooling effect can help smooth and refresh your skin that makes the makeup application easier.

Mini fridge for keeping skincare, makeup and beauty product cool and fresh. Extend shelf live of creams, serums. Keep your beauty products organized and cool.

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