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Forget contour, tantouring is taking contouring to the next level. It is a contouring technique that involves using self-tanner to add dimension to the face without having to wear bronzer or contouring powder. Did I mention the result lasts a couple of days? Want to know how to do it?  Let us walk you through the steps below.

#1 Prep your skin

First things first. Start with clean, exfoliated skin for a flawless, even finish as dry dead skin soaks up the colour. Exfoliate your skin using a gentle scrub and rinse thoroughly before adding a thin layer of moisturiser to lock in moisture to avoid patchiness. Wait and let your moisturiser sink in before continuing to the next step.

Smiling woman with short hair, bald cleans the skin coffee skrub, studio shot, close-up portrait

#2 Apply a light tanning serum

Apply two to three pumps of an all-over face tan all to your face to create your base. The trick is to keep it a shade lighter than the contouring colour you will be applying on top in the next step. A tanning serum is always a good option to add an extra shot of moisture to your skin. Wash your hands and buff gently with a foundation or kabuki brush using circular movements to blend out any harsh edges and dark spots.

Beautiful Happy Smiling Young Woman With Fresh Natural Facial Makeup On Beauty Face. Closeup Portrait Of Sexy 
Female Model With Healthy Glowing Soft Smooth Pure Clean Skin. Skincare. High Resolution

#3 Use a fake-tan mousse

Sweep your chosen self-tanning mousse under your cheekbones, on top of the forehead, down the sides of your nose and under your jawline using an angular eyeshadow brush. Then. blend out any harsh lines using a damp makeup sponge in circular motions. That will give you the most even tan.

Beauty Makeup. Portrait Of Beautiful Young Female With Smooth Skin And Fresh Makeup And Hands With Brush Applying Make-Up Product, Conturing And Highlighting Lines On Sexy Woman Face. High Resolution

#4 Wait & wash

After you’re done blending, let the self-tanner sit for two to three hours before thoroughly rinsing away. This will allow the tan to develop and therefore achieve a naturally sculpted and sun-kissed effect. Your tantour will last about two to three days.

Beautiful young woman standing in the bathroom. Female looking into the mirror and touching her face skin.


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