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Midday makeup meltdown? A midday touch-up is necessary to refresh makeup. Read on and see what you could do with a quick touch-up throughout the day in 4 simple steps, without having to re-do your entire makeup routine.

#1 Shine control

First thing you need to do is eliminate that shine on your face. Instead of powder, use blotting papers to soak up the excess shine on the skin without disturbing your makeup. Simply press a sheet gently against areas that are particularly oily or shiny of your face, such as T-zone. Then leave the paper against your skin for a few seconds while the sheet absorbs the oil.  In case you’re all out of blotting paper, you can also use tissue paper to blot.

Young asian businesswoman smile and use oil blotting paper on her face

#2 Brighten dull skin

Midday dull skin? Go for the highlight for an instant pick-me-up. A little highlighter goes a long way for refreshing your look without spending a great deal of time on makeup reapplication. Just a few quick swipes of the highlighter around the eyes and cheekbones will illuminate the entire face.

young asian businesswoman applying makeup on her eyes,studio shot.

#3 Touch-up powder

Touch up your foundation with a pressed powder as you don’t want to mess with loose powder. Go for one with a creamier consistency that dries to a matte finish for a shine-free complexion. For a quick touch-up, just swipe on your forehead, or any other area you might get shiny. 

Pressed Face Powder and Puff

#4 Lipstick fix

Lipstick is the quickest makeup fix with the biggest results. So, bring on your bright lips to give your look a reboot once it starts to become dull. You may also dab and blend the lipstick colour on your cheekbones to create a healthy glow. One more thing, be sure you try to use a straw to help prevent any colour from rubbing off. 

red lipstick makeup seductive sensual provocative sexy woman lips concept


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