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When you flip through the beauty magazine, it’s very tempting to try on the latest make-up look and makeup products at one go. Prior to purchasing a new beauty kit, you have to go to the beauty counter and try on your face. The color is not right? Then, you have to remove the make-up first and give a try for another one. It is pretty time consuming, right? Thanks to today’s technology, you can try out different make-up style without anything on your face!

Start anywhere and anytime

When it comes to augmented reality, it is no stranger to a frequent shopper. Yes, you can spot many of them in a makeup shop now. Yet, shops do not open for 24/7 though.  Don’t worry! We are here to help you. By simply download Watson’s mobile app, you can start your virtual make-up anytime and anywhere!  You can easily find #Colorme from the menu bar, then, you can choose a photo from your gallery or take a live photo. Moreover, if you find your favorite look, you can share with your friends or social media instantly.

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Catch the latest make-up style

If you are somebody who is very busy to catch up on the trend, you can check out the latest make-up style setting. It provides you different make-up style to try on, such as office chic and bold style. With one tap on your phone, you can preview how you would look like in a particular style and know exactly which products are suitable for you!

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Eye make-up

Apart from the latest make-up style, you may want to try out a different part of the make-up. You can try on our range of eye make-up products, such as eyeshadow, eyeliner, brow pencil, and mascara. For example, you can try on more than 10 colors of our eyeshadow products, and, you can choose the ideal coverage which looks perfect on you!

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Lip make-up

Needless to say, you can absolutely try on a wide range of lipstick color. You can also plump up your lips by filling lip liner (hey, virtually!)  Lip liner plays an important role to define your lip shape. Now, you can try on a different color to match with your lipstick.

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Not only does this contour function can let you try on different contour products, like contour stick or palette with multiple colors, but it also allows you to contour in 3 different ways! By using this function, you may discover what the best for you without putting anything on it. What’s better? If you would like to add these products to your make-up bags, you can simply add it in your shopping cart!

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