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Makeup can sometimes be a little intimidating. But if you are just beginning to use makeup or you want to know how to get good, keep these beginner-friendly makeup tricks and hacks on top of your mind and you will go straight from a complete newbie to a pro. 

#1 What’s the right order to apply makeup?

Totally confused over makeup order? Applying makeup can get a little tricky, but we’ve rounded up a checklist to help you get your makeup steps in order, from foundation to concealer, blush and more. 

The right order to apply makeup 1
The right order to apply makeup 2

#2 What are the most common makeup mistakes?

There are some beauty mistakes we all make, from colouring your eyebrows too dark, to applying way too much blush, and let’s not forget the too-much lip gloss look. Now let’s look at the 4 most common beauty fails that people tend to make. Are you guilty of these?

  1. Coloring your eyebrows too dark
  2. Choosing a blush color that’s too dark or too bright
  3. Skipping eye primer before eyeshadow
  4. Applying too much lip gloss 

1. How to apply blusher for different face shapes?

You face shape matter when it comes to blush. A blusher can help soften your features, raise your cheekbones and make your face appear longer or shorter. Here’s the best way to apply blush based on your face shape, whether that be oval, square, round or heart-shaped.

How to apply blusher
5 steps to shape your eyebrows

2. How to shape your eyebrows?

Eyebrows can make or break your look. Don’t panic: Perfect eyebrows are within your grasp with these 5 simple hacks.

3. How to contour and highlight for different face shapes?

Using contouring and highlighting techniques can sculpt your face to perfection – younger, slimmer and healthier. But the key is working with your face shape to create the look that you want. 

Contour and highlight for different face shapes

4. How to apply lipstick perfectly?

A good lipstick and the proper application can enhance your face. If you follow the tricks in this video, you’ll have no problem applying your favourite lipstick and gaining second glances.

5. How to use makeup setting spray the right way?

It’s never easy to keep your makeup on all day but setting sprays could be a game-changer that helps makeup last longer, increases hydration and gives a polished look. Not sure how to use it? Check this video out now…


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