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Of course! Everyone want to look young and stay young, do you find yourself spending a bomb on anti-aging products? Unfortunately, you still find your skin is sagging. Some people would go to facial treatment; it definitely helps for short term. However, it costs you a fortune and it is time consuming. Why not just spend 5 minutes to massage your face a day, it keeps age away!

1) Korean V-shape chin massage

A firming face with V-shape chin always makes you look younger. How to prevent your tiring and sagging chin muscle and skin? It can be as simple as using two fingers to press the node which next to your jaw and behind your ear. Then, you can also brush your finger from the chin toward your ears. This massage is good for lymph drainage and circulation; as a result, you will find your skin looks healthier. Repeat the movement for 4-5 times.

Attractive young woman with an astonishment emotion on her face - isolated on white

2) Slide away your laugh line with small pinch

We all love smiles, we just don’t like our laugh lines that much. Pinch three fingers from the corner of your mouth; slide them along to your temple. Repeat the movement each side for 4-5 times.

Beauty smiling fresh woman  face with the health teeth

3) Slide away your wrinkles on forehead

Let your fingers start with the top of your nose, lightly pinch it and sldie along to the centre of your eyebrow. And, slide outwards to your temple with some tension. Repeat the movement for 4-5 times.

Close-up female face with a big wrinkles on her forehead - isolated on white

4) Get rid of marionette lines

People may ignore the marionette lines; yet, better to eliminate it so that you would look perfectly young. Place your tip of index finger and middle finger on your upper lip, slide downward to your chin. Repeat the movement for 4-5 times.

5) Don’t forget to smooth your skin

After the facial massage, it is the perfect time to do your deep cleansing and moisturizing for your skin. Also, you may apply any anti-aging essence; your skin would absorb better after massage!

Young caucasian woman enjoying a shirodhara ayurvedic treatment.

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